VidCon 2023 Unites TikTok, buywith, and Celebrity Live Shopping Hosts to Redefine Creator Content!

Inbal Leitner


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VidCon: where TikTok, buywith and a celebrity Live shopping host come together to unveil the transformative role of Livestream Shopping in paving the way for a fresh breed of creators. Insights from buywith’s Co-Fonder and CEO, Adi Ronen, along with industry experts, underscore the importance of prioritizing creator-brand fit, viewer engagement, and educational content for confidence-building, plus the strategic matchmaking and product diversity driving success in the evolving landscape of live Commerce.

Following a talk by buywith’s cofounder and CEO Adi Ronen, VidCon hosted a panel discussion, alongside Max Benator (Orca), Mike Westgate (TikTok Shops), Chris Water (RockWater) and Christian Chanel (Live Shopping Host). Here are the key takeaways from this discussion:

  1. Creator-Brand Fit:
    For creators, it’s crucial to align with products or brands that genuinely resonate with their audience. Understanding the audience and creating a personalized experience drives engagement and sales.

  2. Viewer Engagement:
    For live stream hosts, prioritize viewer engagement and personalization. Responding to comments, providing recommendations based on individual preferences, and creating a sense of community are vital elements.

  3. Educational Content:
    Brands and creators should focus on creating content that educates the audience about products. This involves showcasing features, benefits, and unique selling points. The goal is to make the audience feel informed and confident about making a purchase.

  4. Strategic Matchmaking:
    Platforms should focus on strategic matchmaking between creators and brands. Understanding the target audience and finding creators who authentically connect with that audience leads to more successful live commerce campaigns.

  5. Diverse Product Categories:
    Brands and retailers need to explore a variety of product categories beyond the traditional ones like beauty and fashion. Home decor and electronics, for example, have shown promise in the live commerce space.


Inbal Leitner
Marketing Manager at buywith

Inbal Leitner, is the Marketing Manager at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. With a rich background spanning over 10 years experience in B2B2C marketing and retail, Inbal is a dedicated marketing professional who expertly blends her passion and expertise. As a livestream shopping expert, she leverages her profound knowledge to craft innovative marketing strategies, ensuring compelling and fostering engaging shopping experiences for users.


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