Live Webinar: Increasing e-Commerce Conversion by 10X with Live Commerce and AR

Sourabh Sharma


Livestream shopping

Shopping today is about more than just transactions;
it’s about creating connections and immersive experiences.

Discover how leading brands like L’Oreal, H&M, and Mondelez leverage innovative shopping solutions to boost conversions by 10X and cultivate enduring customer connections. In our webinar with ByondXR and Hawke Media, witness the merging of online and in-store shopping through Livestream and AR, ushering in a new era of retail that combines physical and digital experiences, elevates product discovery, offers personalized interactions, and emphasizing the importance of competent hosts for stronger customer relationships in the world of Live commerce.


Key takeaways from our webinar with ByondXR and Hawke Media, hosted by CMO of buywith, Yael Kochman. 

  1. Live commerce and AR: Collectively, these enable retailers to provide the perfect blend between physical and digital shopping experience. In particular, these elevate the product discovery experience using these technologies to impact sales, conversion rates and reduce return rates.
  2. AR and data provide customized experiences: these learn as you go technologies enable customers to have personalized experiences that boost shopping experiences and engagement. The more data we have, the better it is to provide customized experiences. The more tailored, the better.
  3. Have a competent host to strengthen the product – customer relationship: A good host – whether it’s an influencer or celebrity or a product specialist – provides an easier walk through than online shopping. This builds the connection with customers better, and AR helps facilitate this, as does livestream shopping.
  4. Optimize the live stream strategy: If you are a brand that considers doing livestream shopping, sometimes you see great results from the first session, but other times, you need to optimize. Because live commerce, like any other marketing strategy, needs to be optimized over time to have the best results.
  5. Live commerce is a more social experience: Live commerce brings the social experience back to online shopping, making the virtual store a bit more interactive and social. The online shopping experience is otherwise more lonely, and the social element with livestream shopping makes audiences more engaged with the brand, product, enables them to ask live questions, and eventually drives conversions.
Sourabh Sharma
Head of Social Media at buywith

Sourabh Sharma is the Head of Social Media at buywith. He is a seasoned marketer having worked across startups and multinationals like L’Oreal and Unilever. He has been a judge and keynote speaker at conferences worldwide, and his works as a marketer, thought leader and lifestyle influencer have earned him interviews in Glamour Magazine, GQ, Allure Magazine, Global Cosmetics Industry (GC) Magazine, VMan and more. He is an alum of the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, and Rotterdam School of Management.


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