Revolutionizing Live Shopping: buywith’s Co-Founder and CEO Adi Ronen Unveils buywith’s Game-Changing Results at VidCon 2023

Sourabh Sharma


Livestream shopping

VidCon, the biggest creator minefield hosted our Co-Founder and CEO, Adi Ronen, to eagerly learn about how Livestreaming is the current biggest trend shaking up the world of social media creators. Check it out!

Here are the key takeaways from buywith Co-Founder and CEO, Adi Ronen’s vision talk:

  1. Impressive Statistics: The platform showcases notable metrics, including high engagement rates, conversion rates ranging from 10% in online shopping all the way up to 41% with the platform, and a remarkable 3% product return rate, much lower than average.
  2. “Shop with Me” Experience: buywith offers a unique and patented “shop with me” experience, enabling hosts to lead thousands of viewers through a live, interactive e-commerce journey.
  3. Innovative Video Integration: buywith introduces a capability to transform any pre-recorded video or stream into a live shopping event, presenting opportunities for integrating live shopping into major events.
  4. One-to-One Shopping Sessions: A new tool allows creators and brand experts to engage in personalized one-to-one live shopping sessions with end-users, enhancing the interactive and tailored shopping experience.
  5. Diverse Application: The platform’s versatility is evident, offering applications beyond traditional live shopping by providing tools for discussions, shows, and one-to-one interactions, expanding the possibilities for content creators and brands.
Sourabh Sharma
Head of Social Media at buywith

Sourabh Sharma is the Head of Social Media at buywith. He is a seasoned marketer having worked across startups and multinationals like L’Oreal and Unilever. He has been a judge and keynote speaker at conferences worldwide, and his works as a marketer, thought leader and lifestyle influencer have earned him interviews in Glamour Magazine, GQ, Allure Magazine, Global Cosmetics Industry (GC) Magazine, VMan and more. He is an alum of the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, and Rotterdam School of Management.


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