8 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Shopify Sales in 2024

8 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Shopify Sales in 20248 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Shopify Sales in 2024
Yael Kochman



As a new year rolls in, customers are often overwhelmed with brands, ads, and products.

Which makes it even more challenging for Shopify store marketers to create messaging, product pages and websites that can truly capture and engage a consumer. A consumer who might be busy crafting new year resolutions and building marketing plans and approving budgets for the upcoming year.

So what are some marketing strategies for Shopify store owners that can help break through the clutter to reach their target consumers?


For business owners or marketers with Shopify storefronts, it’s crucial to study how you can maximize your new year spend with appropriate marketing strategies for Shopify and other e-commerce channels. Especially when your audiences are constantly dazzled – and probably dazed! – with marketing promotions for the new year that probably look the same. 

Businesses are continuing to see that the annual shopping extravaganza constitutes up to 70% of total sales. For online store owners, now is the time to dive into marketing strategies for Shopify for 2024, sometimes off the beaten path, leveraging retail trends and influencer marketing tactics. 

Here is an overview of 8 dynamic strategies that go beyond the traditional playbook, ensuring your Shopify store not only survives but thrives during the new year. From cleverly crafted discounts to embracing the world of Livestream shopping, 3D content, dynamic pricing, user-generated content (UGC), and engaging ‘how-to’ videos, these strategies are geared towards captivating your audience and navigating the evolving landscape of consumer behaviors, particularly as you are trying to find that last brainwave that will push your marketing to the next level.

Revolutionizing Shopping Experiences with Livestream Shopping

One of the untapped marketing strategies for Shopify stores is Livestream Shopping, an industry poised to be at $31 billion by the end of 2023 alone. Embrace Livestream Shopping by incorporating a Shopify app that can maximize sales by turning your ecommerce site into a shopping and entertainment site. 

Shopify apps  like buywith, featured in Modern Retail for amplifying the conversion of household brands like Tupperware by over 60%, can help. The app enables brands to run Livestreams with the product lineup in their Shopify store, focusing on hero products or other seasonal specialities, with a Livestream host from buywith’s vetted and trained content creator community. 

This allows Shopify store owners to transform the shopping experience by enabling real-time interactions, product demonstrations, and exclusive promotions. Livestream Shopping events not only captivate your audience but also foster a sense of urgency, driving immediate sales. buywith is the preferred partner of brands beyond Shopify like Ulta and Walmart, as well as brands like CSD, Hewi, Steve Madden, Dyson and more. And if you don’t have the resources to find a content creator, check out buywith’s Top 100 influencers report for 2024.

shopify plugin for buywith livestream shopping

Embracing Immersive 3D Content for Enhanced Product Visualization

One way to employ one of the more unique marketing strategies for Shopify stores is to stand out from the crowd by integrating immersive 3D content into your product pages, courtesy of tools like Hexa. Allow customers to virtually explore and interact with your products, providing a unique and engaging online shopping experience that mirrors the in-store feel. As one of the world’s first Immersive OS, Hexa’s customers (Macy’s, Logitech, Crate & Barrel and more), use their technology to lower visualization costs, increase sales, improve customer acquisition cost and globally display their immersive content.

Tailoring Prices with Dynamic Pricing

The crux to having one of the more unique marketing strategies for Shopify in 2024 is to know your pricing dynamics, and how this is affecting shopper behavior as they are browsing your storefront. Implementing dynamic pricing strategies using tools like Intelis to match prices with each individual shopper. This personalized approach not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of conversions by aligning product prices with the perceived value for each shopper. Intelis enables businesses of all sizes to play like the big players by providing intelligence and optimization capabilities in their stores and markets, with a SAAS platform that utilizes AI to seamlessly provide actionable insights, no-code automation, and market intelligence.

Harnessing the Power of UGC and Visual Reviews

Long before TikTok’s comment threads became a place to live was the thriving world of customer reviews, which is still trusted by shoppers and store owners alike. It only makes sense then to have one of your marketing strategies for Shopify embrace reviews as a staple. You can build trust and credibility by incorporating user-generated content (UGC) and visual reviews into your Shopify store with tools like Loox which allow customers to share their experiences through images and reviews, providing authentic social proof that resonates with potential buyers and expedites the decision-making process. Loox is a social proof marketing platform that empowers over Shopify merchants to grow their brands by turning real customers into ambassadors that submit visual reviews, share product experiences, and refer friends! Who wouldn’t like their Shopify store to almost become like the next social media platform? 

Loox ugc user reviews for shopify stores

Incorporating Reviews onto Product Pages for Swift Decision-Making

Building trust is paramount in the online shopping experience, and one powerful way to achieve this is by adding customer reviews directly onto your product pages. Social proof is obvious in the product pages of LNDR which quickly answers questions that shoppers may have. Similarly, Flakes makes testimonials a mainstay in their product pages to showcase authentic feedback. These types of marketing strategies for Shopify not only highlight the collective satisfaction of previous customers. But they provide detailed narratives of individual experiences, offering a personal touch that resonates with potential buyers. By integrating these reviews directly onto your product pages, brands can create a transparent and trustworthy environment that expedites customers from consideration to purchase.

Using Educational ‘How-To’ Videos

Create captivating ‘how-to’ videos, either user-generated or repurposed from Livestreams (something that buywith stated is a huge revenue contributor from livestream content), to guide customers on product usage. This not only adds value to the customer experience but also addresses potential concerns, ultimately increasing customer confidence and driving conversions. Brands like Frank Body and beauty houses like Ulta always use these to guide their users through the consideration phase of the saturated marketing cycle. Multi brand and multi product powerhouses like Walmart often host videos from experts and affiliates alike on a separate portal on their site to help customers who are scrolling through mazes of products to minimize the fatigue and speed up the decision making process. Shopify storefronts with fewer assortments can easily borrow from this strategy, and direct shoppers to checkout in a more seamless and meaningful way.

Boosting AOV with Checkout Add-Ons

No marketing strategy for Shopify in the new year is complete without something that boosts AOV. You can encourage customers to increase their average order value (AOV) by strategically placing related products, bundles, and irresistible gifts at the checkout.  The best way to do this is by employing upselling and cross-selling tactics to entice customers to buy additional products, usually done as suggesting related or recommended products. Related products can fit nicely on your product page, like Beyli, known for mastering the AOV game with mobile and desktop friendly related product recommendations. Similarly, beauty brands like Beauty Bio entice customers with add ons to their already multi-product kits, offering refills and more. Shopper data and even AI can be used to understand user behavior and suggest products baked on browser habits, which can in turn, maximizing your new year revenue.

AOV increasye at checkout on shopify

Retargeting with Email/SMS Messaging Based on Shopper Behavior

To maximize your sales in 2024, go beyond generic marketing and embrace retargeting. Leverage individual shopper behavior and customer data to tailor your email and SMS messaging, possibly by crafting personalized messages that resonate with each shopper’s preferences, previous purchases, and browsing history. Brands like Drmtlgy for skincare and Monos for luggage have done this aptly, owing to their very disparate purchase cycles ranging from beauty to travel accessories, respectively. Every Shopify store has this data based on browser behavior and it can be used to build segmented email and SMS flows that are more personalized to the audience, something that was discussed in a valuable lesson on BFCM Marketing, too. By delivering relevant content directly aligned with their interests, you not only capture their attention but also significantly increase the likelihood of converting them into loyal customers. The personalization ensures that your messages are not just noise but meaningful engagements that drive results during the festive season hustle.

In Conclusion

As the new year starts with ecommerce and online shopping in full power mode, these innovative marketing strategies for Shopify stores can infuse vitality into your storefront, ensuring you not only meet but exceed the expectations of your festive shoppers. By adapting to emerging trends, you’ll position your brand for a successful and memorable new year.

Yael Kochman
Chief Marketing Officer at buywith

Yael Kochman is the Chief Marketing Officer at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. Yael is a retail and commerce innovation expert and marketing leader with over 15 years of extensive experience in marketing and business development. Recognized as among the 100 influential people in retail tech and acknowledged by HubSpot as one of the 59 female marketers to follow, Yael’s remarkable career spans co-founding Re:Tech, an innovation hub for retail tech.


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