What is Livestream shopping?

Livestream shopping AKA “live video shopping” or “live commerce” is a new sales channel used by brands and retailers to promote and sell products through digital Livestream events, often collaborating with influencers, celebrities, or experts. Originating in China back in 2016, livestream shopping is gaining traction fast in US and Western markets. A dynamic fusion of digital retail and entertainment, livestream shopping allows you to deliver truly immersive and interactive shopping events, so that brands and retailers like you can reach and connect better with elusive, tech-savvy Gen Z and millennial audiences. The result? Better brand awareness, better product discovery, and of course, better sales of more products. Through these live-hosted online shopping events, your customers engage with a host typically an influencer, celebrity, or industry expert. Customers can also ask the host direct questions, get personalized product recommendations, and instantly purchase products from your website.

Why buywith?

buywith is an immersive Livestream shopping platform, enabling brands and retailers like you to easily hold Livestream shopping events natively on their e-commerce site. Our patent technology enables brands to offer the ultimate user experience to their customers. But as our clients say, it’s not just about the platform, it’s also about the team – our customer success team works with each and every client to make sure all KPI’s are met.

buywith’s main advantages:

  • The only platform built for scale: with buywith, there’s no need for a production studio or expensive equipment – buywith makes it simple for hosts to go Live on any mobile or desktop device
  • A one of a kind “shop with me” experience: that is totally unique to buywith. It’s literally “bringing shopping back to LIVE,” turning transactional customer experiences into fun and engaging social events
  • Our “Creator Marketplace”: which connects you with a professional, global network of trending creators and influencers to help draw new audiences to your events. 
  • No integrations! buywith is so easy to implement (just one line of code on your site – that’s it!) that it’s perfect for brands and retailers looking to leverage the power of Livestream shopping. 
  • No app to download: meaning there’s no friction for your audience, customers, and live hosts – and there’s no hurdles for you to easily hold hundreds of Live shopping events every month
  • A robust data engine: providing you with not only key engagement and performance metrics about your events and product sales but also actionable insights to use in your marketing campaigns

Oh, and did we mention our amazing customer success team? 🙂

What is buywith’s creator marketplace?

Our creator marketplace lets brands and retailers – and creators with proven expertise in driving results – match with each other to hold authentic, highly engaging, and high-converting Live shopping events. For brands and retailers looking to scale up their Livestream shopping campaigns and reach new untapped audiences, the buywith creator marketplace is the perfect platform to connect with expert Live shopping hosts and utilize their following for accelerated brand growth and buyer journey. buywith creator marketplace provides creators and influencers with the opportunity to collaborate with global brands, connect with the audience in the most authentic way, and generate revenues.


How does buywith’s One-to-Many solution work?

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works: 

  1. Pick a host and date that works for you
  2. Promote the Live event: buywith’s platform automatically generates event URLs that you and your host can share to promote the event via any channel
  3. Shoppers sign up: When a customer taps on the link, they’re directed to a quick registration page to sign up for the event. Once they’re registered, your customers will receive automated reminders via email and SMS to join the event. 
  4. Go LIVE 
  5. After the event: Gain valuable insights and access data visualizations to help you fine-tune your future events and repurpose the content as needed.

There’s no app to download or social media network to go to – all your customers need to do is simply tap the link and they’re automatically redirected to the event, native on your website.

What are buywith platform pricing options?

We have a wide range of plans for brands and retailers in different stages of exploring Live shopping events.
From basic monthly plans to get you started (including set-up, a weekly event, and 24/7 technical support), to custom plans with advanced features and exclusive access to buywith’s creator marketplace. To find out more, you’re welcome to book a demo where our team of Livestream specialists will answer all your questions and show you the magic of our platform.


How does buywith work for event hosts and influencers?

For event hosts and influencers, hosting a Live shopping event with buywith is super smooth. Before your event, we’ll train the hosts on best practices and your products, and walk them through the buywith platform so they’ll know exactly what they need to do (which is pretty much clicking a link to start hosting – just like joining a video call). On the day of the event, we’ll be by their side with ongoing support to make sure everything runs smoothly. And that’s all there is to it.
Need help finding influencers and creators with audiences in the right demographics for your brand? We can do that too by matching you with proven-to-deliver, professional influencers via our content creator marketplace. We’ll also take care of vetting them and negotiating contracts, because we know how precious your time is!



What does integration with buywith look like?

We support zero-code implementation or an embedded one line of code on your side – depending on what you prefer.
Our unique technology enables the shortest implementation times, with no need to integrate with your catalog or ERP, allowing you to launch fun and engaging Live shopping experiences smoothly and swiftly.

Can buywith work with any eCommerce website?

Yep! We say frictionless, and we mean it: our Livestream shopping platform can be seamlessly implemented on any e-commerce platform or website. If your store runs on Shopify, checkout our Shopify app, otherwise, our team of Livestream specialists will recommend the best way for you to implement buywith directly on your website with either zero-code implementation or one line of code embedded on your site.

How fast can brands start hosting Livestream shopping events on buywith?

With buywith you can go from zero to launch in as quickly as a few days! Thanks to our patent technology, implementing Live shopping events with buywith is super smooth and quick.

No app to download. No integrations. No big studio productions. Just authentic interaction between your brand, your host and your customers.



How many events can buywith host on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

buywith’s Livestream shopping platform is robust and sophisticated enough to support hundreds of monthly Live shopping events every month – even multiple events at the same time. Basic plans start with just a few event and are a great choice for brands and retailers starting out or experimenting with Livestream shopping. When you fall in love with Live shopping (and you will :), it’s easy to scale up to hundreds of monthly events.

Where does the event happen?

Your buywith Live shopping events happen natively on your own website. Transforming your static pages into an interactive experience that looks and feels like magic to your customers – thanks to our patent screen-sharing technology. Practically speaking, your Live event host takes the user on an exciting “shop with me” journey on the brand’s website, engaging with shoppers and sharing product information and tips. A click on the “Want” button adds an item to the shopping cart. Shoppers can then finish their purchases and complete checkouts without leaving the Live event.


Is buywith compliant with GDPR?

100%! buywith is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Check out the details in our terms of use.

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