The Difference Between Live-stream Shopping and Influencer Marketing

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Livestream shopping is a popular marketing technique for many e-commerce businesses. The strategy involves an influencer or a celebrity promoting specific products to an audience in real time. 


The host will demonstrate everything customers need to know about the showcased products. Influencers can have a genuine impact on the audience as they create bonds and engage customers on a personal level, contributing to product sales.

On the other hand, influencer marketing uses famous and non-famous people with a growing fan base in a particular niche. You might’ve seen such people on social media, or maybe not. Businesses can increase their sales and grow their audiences with’s seamless livestream shopping experience.


What is Livestream Shopping?

Livestream shopping is a process of strategy used in marketing your products and services using a host, an influencer or celebrity who demonstrates through live video to the audiences. Our livestream platform helps your brand get the exposure through livestream shopping, with influencers who are active online. The main goal is to reach a large audience and connect with them through live-stream shopping events.

Countless brands, especially in China, are famous for being able to sell furniture, automobiles, and even real estate through this medium. Customers can also enjoy participating in raffle draws, promotional price drops, and giveaways on a livestream shopping platform.


Advantages of Livestream Shopping Marketing

The traffic and view count that livestream shopping events can bring for a brand are no joke. After all, consumers get to enjoy real-time interactions with influencers. It’s a dream come true for many and we make it possible. 


The advantages of livestream shopping includes –

  • Boosting sales
  • User acquisition
  • Decrease return rate
  • increase engagement
  • Monetize influencer activity

As a consumer, you’ll get to ask the influencer on-screen product-related questions via live chat on our livestream platform. This engagement alone can excite people to join in on the event.  Research shows that, in the U.S alone, over 28% of consumers have said this method encourages them to shop more through social media channels.

Also, 60% of shoppers who have used it have said that live-stream shopping events improved their shopping experience. Livestream shopping platforms hire content creators with a growing fan base so they can attract more audiences. Influencers know how to engage with their target audiences and have their own way of connecting differently with Gen Z or millennials.


Disadvantages of Livestream Shopping Marketing

However, every strategy can fall short in some ways, and this method is no exception. Anyone can be pulled in to make a purchase when watching influencers excitedly promote a product. Our livestream shopping experience is all about their long-term satisfaction and a unique experience. We believe in leaving a mark and creating a long-lasting impression.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Unlike the previous trend, customers who shop with content creators online are not only exposed to rapid selling strategies but also livestream shopping. Influencer marketing focuses more on building brand exposure and creating awareness about services.  Online influencers can replace sugar-coated advertisements and over-hyped reviews on certain products. Brands choose influencer marketing to reach a distinct niche through people knowledgeable about the topic. As you can see, this strategy is all about being viewed as credible and authoritative about a niche.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

  1. Provides value to audiences
  2. wide range of opportunities
  3. You can boost your brand accounts
  4. You can reach niche audiences
  5. boost your SEO Rankings
  6. Brainstorm with experts
  7. Influencers can work with your content strategy

Besides that, companies are also able to build trust and product credibility from scratch. In a way, brands allow their consumers to grow with them, creating a common ground.  As a result, small and large businesses can see a steady boost in sales while also gaining returning customers.


When customers shop with influencers online, they can relate to someone they’ve followed for a long time. This is because most companies will hire content creators with a growing fan base and have them advertise to that specific group.


Influencers can also promote products by communicating with different groups correctly. Did you know that influencer marketing helps marketers reach 85% GenZ and Millennials who look for information on specific products on social media? It’s a vast consumer pool brands can dive into, primarily through influencer marketing.

Disadvantages of Influencer Marketing

The main drawback of this marketing strategy is the slow pace brands have to persevere through. Unlike livestream shopping events, businesses can’t expect the same boost in sales when consumers shop with influencers online.  Customer variation is limited, as the method only targets the famous influencer’s niche. On top of that, this marketing strategy is also very time-consuming and requires comprehensive planning.  According to us, brands can also experience being positioned wrongly and choose influencers that do not know how to market products or by accidentally working with influencers from the wrong industry.  Also, when consumers shop with influencers online, it’s helpful to know if their posts are sponsored. Influencers forgetting to do so can completely mess up the strategy and make it meaningless. Not being able to endorse the sponsorship can easily complicate the campaign.



When customers shop with influencers online, businesses can see slow yet steady growth in brand awareness. However, livestream shopping marketing can help you quickly make sales and reach consumers through influencers.  Join buywith to be a part of the content community and connect with the experts to understand how to strategize and learn useful methods to engage your audiences through famous influencers online.

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