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We put our focus on mobile, hence supporting only mobile sessions. We did a lot of thinking around this topic and believe that due to growing in mobile commerce and seeking to provide the best shopping experience - it is the right platform for our solution.
It's not! for standard platforms (as shopify) we have a one click installation form. For other platforms, it's just one line of code, which will enable our solution.
YES! All graphic assets are configurable. If you are working in a standard platform (as Shopify), you will see the configuration page in that platform. Otherwise, contact us at support@buywith.com and we will assist you with any need.
YES! Though we currently support English and Hebrew only. More languages are coming soon! if you need support in another language, please contact us at support@buywith.com
The short answer is NO! The longer one, the solution do embed additional button to the site, but:
  • We put great attention to performance and use several solutions to eliminate any potential performance issue (like CDN, compression etc.)
  • The size of the files that are used for the solution is minimal.
  • The files that are used to implement our solution, are called from our domain, enabling the users browser to work in parallel.

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