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Easy hosting of one-to-many and one-to-one Live shopping events, 1-linkViewing Experience (Not App)

Get access to a robust data package including valuable users insights that can be leveraged across other channels

User acquisition with first party data and max attribution

Create content hubs around past live events that can be watched and shared forever

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buywith’s community of multi-faceted influencers offers the best match possibilities to your brand and takes the hassle out of host searching, vetting, contracting and coaching off your plate.

Our team of live shopping experts works seamlessly between brands and their hosts to ensure every live event is on brand and impactful.

You are free to provide your own influencer/brand rep that we can onboard onto the platform and work with to bring your events to life.


Shop with me experience

The host takes the shoppers on a live journey on the brand's site essentially creating a social-shopping experience where everyone shops together at the same shopping event!

buywith is the only one to do it in the industry.

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