Video Shopping On-Demand:
A Primer On The Future Of Retail

Carissa Hills


Livestream shopping

Marketing strategies change from time to time, and you can notice that by seeing the marketing strategies people used some years ago and the ones they use now. 

In the past, people used to go to the stores they wanted to visit personally and check the products those companies had available once they were there. Since people can check everything they want from their smartphones, the chances of getting out of their homes to buy something has decreased. 

Thanks to that, businesses need to adapt to the livestream shopping trend and understand how this tool works. Companies that have used live shopping platforms have seen the benefits of it in the short term, so companies shouldn’t hesitate to try them.

Are you looking forward to increasing your sales and boosting your brand’s engagement? Read this page on how video shopping on-demand works! There are many live shopping platforms available out there, but we recommend you go for buywith due to its seamless integration and unique features.

What Is Video Shopping On-Demand?

Video shopping on-demand is using video technology to allow customers to access a platform where they can watch something on a video chat or live session and buy it if they feel like it. These platforms improve the TV marketing strategy where you could call a company’s number to buy one of its products after seeing it in a TV ad. 

Most people engaging in video shopping on demand end up using a livestream shopping platform for that matter, so we recommend you do that, too. Using these platforms gives retailers a better approach to customers worldwide. 

Benefits of Live Shopping Platforms

Using live shopping Platforms brings many benefits to the ones who do it, so here are some of the main advantages of adapting your company to them:

  1. Accessibility:
    Marketing has become challenging as the industry and customers change. Marketing teams need to improve and reinvent their strategies to match this new changing world. Live shopping platforms, such as buywith, are ideal for this matter. The reason for this is GenZ and Millennials are over the one-size-fits-all marketing and traditional advertising which are being ignored but livestream shopping events make it easier to rely on the real products that are advertised virtually.
  2. Customer Experience:
    If you want your customers to be satisfied and loyal, your customer support team must do what it can to satisfy all your clients’ needs. Nonetheless, doing this is often difficult if you can only talk to your clients through a chat app. Companies using live shopping apps, on the other hand, can directly talk to their clients as they buy the products they like. Apart from that, they can ask the host leading the live session any question they have about the item and receive an instant answer instead of waiting some minutes for it.  
  3. Increase Conversions and Sales:
    Although this is related to virtual marketing and eCommerce, you need to have an online persona if you want your business to succeed. The reason for this is that the current market trends lead customers to go for companies with internet personas they like or that are more approachable than others. While having a decent community manager should be enough for the job, using live sessions can boost your brand’s awareness like you never thought you could. The reason for this is you can make the person making the live sessions the champions for your business, and if people like that person, they will like the products you have to offer.

Is buywith Worth It?

buywith is one of the best live shopping platforms you can find out there, and you can see it in how it works. Accessing live sessions on this platform is simple, and you can engage one-to -many and one-to-one video events with smart screen-sharing technology that allows shoppers to shop along the Live event’s host. 

Wrapping Up

It’s often difficult to adapt to what the market requires brands and companies to do, but it’s something necessary for people who don’t want to be left behind or outsold by their competitors. Do you want to try new live shopping platforms? Start by trying buywith! 

Carissa Hills
Senior Customer Success Manager at buywith

Carissa Hills is the Senior Customer Success Manager at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. Her diverse industry experience spans across live commerce, retail, social media, and influencer marketing. Carissa has helped successfully launch the livestream efforts of countless retailers, providing each with attentive guidance in order to achieve their livestream goals. She is dedicated to building lasting client relationships and applying her enthusiasm and knowledge to ensure the utmost success of her clients and partners at buywith.


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