Live Commerce Is Transforming Online Shopping – How Can Your Business Keep Up?


Going shopping does not quite mean what it used to. These days it could just refer to grabbing your laptop and sitting on the couch! Such is the power and convenience of live shopping platforms such as buywith.

While live shopping certainly makes the consumer’s life a lot easier it assists brands and retailers with user acquisition through influencer.

If you are thinking of joining the Livestream shopping trend, you have come to the right place. Using advanced Livestream shopping technology, buywith will help you transform your ecommerce business into a more engaging and social site suited to modern day shoppers

What Is Livestream Shopping?

Livestream shopping or live shopping is a method used by companies to access the huge market of customers that do their shopping online. In its most basic form, live shopping requires the use of a webcam to record and upload content that is designed to promote a particular product or service.

How To Make Livestream Work for You

Mastering how to host effective livestream shopping sessions is a skill that you will have to master if your business is to survive the cutthroat world of online marketing. If you do not have a strong digital marketing strategy, with live shopping at the core, you are at risk of being left behind by your competitors.

Here are four ways live commerce can help transform the online shopping experience for you and your customers:


  • The Gen Z is the Key

    Attracting the Gen Z niche is one of the main things that many retailers have been struggling with for a while now. After all, this is the generation that makes up to 40% of all consumers, meaning failure to attract them can spell disaster for any business.The difficulty lies in how to give Gen Z shoppers the in-store shopping experience that they crave even when shopping online. One solution has been to design a unique virtual shopping experience that is tailor-made for Gen Z shoppers.

    Using buywith, you will be able to get influencers to reach out to these Gen Z shoppers and get them interested in taking a look at the products and services you have to offer.

  • Reduce Returns

    Online shopping has its advantages but also increases the rate of returns to the store, which will severely impact a business if left unchecked. The main reason for this is that shoppers often purchase items without giving enough thought to how these items will look.By combining true product discovery and educational information along with each livestream shopping event, buywith will dramatically reduce return rates to the store. An influencer will be used to provide a visual demonstration as well as engage with the audience.

    Besides reducing the return rate, this method will also result in a higher level of customer satisfaction and improve the popularity of live shopping on your platform

  • Improve Conversions

    Getting an audience to tune in to your livestream is the easy part because sometimes all it takes is the face of a popular influencer to have customers rushing to check out your site. However, it’s getting them to stay long enough to make an actual sale that is the tricky part.One of the tricks used by buywith is a tactic called conversion by discovery, where the influencer is tasked with taking the customers on an in-depth journey that highlights all the possibilities and advantages of using your products.

    Features, such as highlights, polls, and live chats allow the audience to feel like part of the shopping experience, a feeling which is more likely to lead them to make a purchase. These higher conversion rates will improve your ROI, which is one of the main goals of digital marketing.

  • Monetize InfluencersInfluencers are becoming more and more relevant in terms of how products are promoted online. It is no longer enough to demonstrate how good your products are if you do not have a well-known face endorsing them. Such is the level of trust placed by Gen Z shoppers in influencers.

    Instead of fighting this growing trend, you might as well embrace it by allowing buywith to monetize your influencers. This will make the live shopping experience beneficial to you, your customers, and the influencer as well, thereby promoting an environment conducive to shopping

Access Advanced Livestream Shopping Tech From buywith

If you are planning on making the best of this new wave of livestream shopping, you will need all the help you can get. With the full support of buywith behind you, you can reach a much wider audience than ever before and ensure that a larger percentage of those watching your streams end up becoming regular shoppers.

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