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The power of using live video content to promote products has resulted in the livestream shopping trend that we see today. Nothing is more effective than being able to reach out to audiences far and wide and getting a chance to sell to customers you would have never met before.

However, some businesses are yet to catch on to this latest craze and as a result, they are losing out on a lot of potential customers. If yours is one such business, it is time to approach buywith and start working on your livestream marketing campaign.

Livestream Is a Must-have for Marketing

If you are unconvinced about how even a single livestream shopping event can drastically change your sales figures, here are some of the reasons you should consider live video content:

  • Videos engage even passive shoppers
  • It allows you to explain everything about your product
  • Videos encourage social media shares
  • It is appealing to mobile users
  • Videos are a great way to build trust
  • Google loves live videos
  • Live videos boost conversions and sales

What You Need To Know About Live Video Content

Before starting your livestream shopping sessions, there are a few things you need to know if your live video content is going to have the desired impact that you hope for, such as:

Know Your Audience

You have to have a clear idea of who you are talking to, otherwise, you risk using the wrong tone in your live video content that will not encourage interaction or result in successful conversions.

If you enlist the help of live shopping platforms, such as buywith, you will be able to keep track of your audience through influencers from our content creator marketplace.

Discovery Process

You need to take the opportunity to communicate important information to your audience while they are engaged. A big problem in online shopping is the high return rates on various products bought by customers that did not fully comprehend what the products would look like.

Also, you can use your live video content to promote your products in a step-by-step way, called product discovery, which will result in fewer returns and long-term customer satisfaction.

Bring on Some Influencers

One thing you need to do is keep things fresh and exciting. This is because your audience will likely comprise a lot of Gen Z customers that are easily distracted and quick to move on to the next video. 

Having an influencer that has a huge Gen Z following as a host is a great way to keep your audience captivated. As a bonus, you can use these influencers’ followers for user acquisition.

Always Schedule Ahead

Scheduling your live video content is a great way to make sure that you always have a good number of viewers tuned in to make the livestream worth it. You can also provide your audience with the link to your video, which they can share on social media.

Build a Buzz

Speaking of social media, you need to use your brand’s website and newsletter alongside social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok to get the word out and build a buzz before the day of the livestream. Using a few teaser trailers in buywith your influencer can get people excited about your video and promote your live event.

Engage with the Audience

The main advantage of live video content, over just uploading a pre-recorded video, is that you get a chance to interact with your audience, answer some questions, increase satisfaction & loyalty and create an in-store experience online.

Be Consistent

Staying consistent is really very important for your business online. It requires improvement from live to live, learning how to succeed with your strategies and increase conversion with livestream shopping. This can elevate your products among larger audiences.

Improve Your Livestream Game With buywith

If you want to do livestream marketing the right way that will attract a lot of Gen Z customers, you need to use a platform that can achieve great results for you. Try buywith today and watch as your conversion rates blow through the roof after your first few live videos.

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Carissa Hills
Senior Customer Success Manager at buywith

Carissa Hills is the Senior Customer Success Manager at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. Her diverse industry experience spans across live commerce, retail, social media, and influencer marketing. Carissa has helped successfully launch the livestream efforts of countless retailers, providing each with attentive guidance in order to achieve their livestream goals. She is dedicated to building lasting client relationships and applying her enthusiasm and knowledge to ensure the utmost success of her clients and partners at buywith.


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