How Live Shopping Platform Such as buywith.Com Can Help Businesses Scale

Julia Lossos


Livestream shopping

Live shopping platforms are an increasingly popular technology that allows businesses to engage with customers, showcase products, and uniquely promote their brands. 

These apps allow companies to interact with customers through real-time video streams that give them a platform to create customized experiences and increase consumer engagement. 

There are many options if you are considering hopping on the livestream shopping platform to scale your business. However, stands out thanks to all of its unique features. 

Unveiling the Potential of Live Shopping for Brand Success

A live shopping platform facilitates real-time purchases for customers through an online or mobile interface, featuring a live host or influencer who demonstrates and introduces the brand’s services and products on their website.

This dynamic tool empowers businesses to effortlessly showcase their products, services, and deals, thereby expanding their reach to a broader audience, utilizing SaaS platforms such as

Additionally, the platform enables businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences, facilitating the creation of tailored offers that precisely meet consumer needs. Live shopping platforms also offer invaluable insights into the target market, empowering businesses with strategic data.

Livestream platforms, exemplified by buywith, play a pivotal role in helping companies accurately gauge their return on investment (ROI) by assessing metrics such as sales, customer retention, and satisfaction. 

Benefits of Live Shopping Platforms

A livestream platform can make it easier for  businesses to tap into potential customers, as shoppers can find products from the retailer or brand on their website. The advantages of using a live shopping platform and app are:

  1. Generates Huge Sales Fast
    Such platforms and apps are a great way to generate significant sales quickly, as they allow businesses to run targeted promotions and campaigns that can quickly reach potential customers. Additionally, these platforms allow organizations to upsell and cross-sell products, resulting in more opportunities. Finally, they can create loyalty programs to reward shoppers for their continued patronage, further increasing their interest in the business and its offerings.
  2. Inspires Shoppers to Impulse Buy
    The combination of instant gratification and personalization that real-time shopping platforms offer can motivate customers to make impulse purchases. The sense of closeness develops between shoppers and influencers quite instantly and it becomes easier to buy and sell the brand’s products and services. By providing customers with the ability to purchase items that they are interested in instantly, such livestream platforms remove the barriers to impulse buying. 
  3. Helps Build Brand Engagement
    In addition to increasing sales and loyalty, livestream platforms can help companies build brand awareness. Providing customers with a more personal shopping experience can create a stronger connection between shoppers and businesses. This connection can lead to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Why We Believe in is one of the most impressive live shopping platforms on the marke Our ‘shop with me’ experience offers an unique opportunity that allows hosts to shop live and directly on the brand’s site with the audience. Also, it enables product discovery and decreases return rates.

Besides this, the livestream platform has several shoppable features that enable customers to purchase items on the spot, creating a sense of urgency that encourages impulse buying and leads to more sales. The livestream shopping platform offers:

  • Empower Your Brand with Influencer led Live shopping events: buywith top-tier livestream platform features product demonstrations by influencers and celebrities during live shopping events.This feature allows businesses to tap into the power of the influencer to reach a wider audience and promote their products. Additionally, this platform provides brand owners with valuable insights into consumer behavior to make better operations and product development decisions. buywith’s creator marketplace of diverse community of creators and influencers streamlines host selection, eliminating the hassle of host searching, vetting, contracting, and coaching off your plate. The team of live shopping experts work seamlessly with brands and their hosts to ensure every live event is on the brand and is impactful. Additionally, buywith provides the flexibility for brands to bring their own influencers or representative that they will onboard to the platform and work with, to bring your events to life.
  • Engage with Shoppers community using AI based live chat: With’s live chat feature, businesses can have conversations with shoppers in real time, helping to create a more personalized experience. This feature helps to build trust and loyalty between brands/retailers and consumers while also providing an opportunity to showcase products engagingly.
  • Increase Conversion with the “WANT” Button: The “WANT” button feature on allows customers to click on a product and add the product to cart. The “WANT” button can easily add products to a customer’s shopping cart, increasing conversion chances. By providing shoppers with easy access to products and features, businesses can create a more engaging shopping experience and increase the likelihood of sales.


Live shopping platforms are the newest way businesses reach consumers, providing unique features not found anywhere else. 

With, brands can engage in real-time conversations with customers to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer feedback to influencers and hosts. Interested brand owners who want to grow their business organically should use this platform and notice how it increases sales! 

Brands can multiply their sales by using our platform by representing their products and creating a long-term relationship with customers through famous influencers.

Julia Lossos
Retail Partnership EMEA at buywith

Julia Lossos is the Retail Partnership EMEA at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. Julia is a seasoned Business Development professional with a wealth of experience in the live shopping domain. She has a demonstrated track record of growing audiences and engagement, fundraising, relationship building and managing teams. 


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