Experience the Thrill of the Sale:
A Comprehensive Guide to Live Shopping

Daniel Hillyer


Livestream shopping

Over the last few years, live shopping has emerged as a popular trend in e-commerce. It combines the excitement of live streaming with the convenience of online shopping. Live shopping allows customers to watch live product demonstrations and interact with sellers in real-time while shopping. It has quickly become a valuable marketing tool for brands and retailers looking to reach new audiences and increase sales. In this article, we will explore what live shopping is, how it works, and some of the best platforms and apps for live shopping.

What is Live Shopping?

Live shopping is a form of e-commerce that allows customers to watch live video broadcasts of products being demonstrated and interact with sellers in real-time. It combines the experience of shopping in a physical store with the convenience of online shopping. Live shopping is an engaging and interactive experience that can help boost sales and create a loyal customer base.

History of Live Shopping

Livestream shopping or live shopping started in China in 2010. The initial live shopping events were executed by Taobao, called Taobao live. The platform offered its live feature to sellers to showcase their business outputs in real-time to potential customers and interact with them.

This quickly gained much popularity and started getting attention as a mainstream retail channel in China. Today, live shopping is a key strategy to engage consumers and drive sales.

Live shopping is not a new concept, and it has been around for some time. The earliest examples of live shopping can be traced back to QVC, the American television shopping network. QVC pioneered the use of live video to sell products to its audience, and it has been doing so since the 1980s. However, live shopping as we know it today has been made possible by the advent of the internet, smartphones, and social media.

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as the increasing popularity of live streaming, has given birth to a new generation of live shopping experiences. Today, businesses and brands can use a variety of shopping platforms, livestream shopping apps, and live shopping platforms to showcase their products and reach a broader audience in real-time.

How Does Live Shopping Work?

Live shopping works by creating a real-time shopping experience that engages the consumer and makes them feel like they are part of a live event. Live shopping can take many forms, from live auctions and flash sales to product demonstrations and product launches. Here’s a breakdown of how live shopping works.

  1. Setting up the Live Shopping Event
    The first step in creating a live shopping experience is to set up the event. This involves selecting a shopping platform or a live shopping platform and deciding on the format for the live shopping event. The format can vary depending on the type of product being sold and the target audience. For example, a live shopping event for a new makeup product might involve a makeup tutorial or a product demonstration, while a live shopping event for a new gaming console might involve a live unboxing or a product review.
  2. Promoting the Live Shopping Event
    Once the live shopping event is set up, the next step is to promote it. This can be done through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or through email marketing campaigns. The goal is to get as many people as possible to tune in to the live shopping event.
  3. Going Live
    During the live shopping event, the host or the influencer showcases the product in real-time, answers questions from viewers, and encourages viewers to purchase the product. The host can use a variety of tactics to keep the audience engaged, such as running flash sales, offering exclusive discounts, and creating a sense of urgency.

Benefits of Live Shopping

Live shopping offers several benefits to both businesses and consumers. Here are some of the key benefits of live shopping:

  • Increased Engagement: Live shopping creates a more engaging and interactive shopping experience than traditional e-commerce platforms. Consumers can ask questions in real-time, get immediate feedback from the host or influencer, and feel like they are part of a live event.
  • Better Conversion Rates: Live shopping has been shown to have better conversion rates than traditional e-commerce platforms. The sense of urgency created during a live shopping event can encourage consumers to make a purchase, and the ability to ask questions and get immediate feedback can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • User acquisition: Live shopping can help businesses reach a new broader audience, especially on social media platforms. Live shopping events on social media can also be shared and reposted by viewers, increasing the reach of the event even further. This can help businesses attract new customers and expand their customer base.
  • Increase brand awareness: Live shopping events can help businesses build their brand and increase brand awareness. By showcasing their products in a live setting and interacting with their audience in real-time, businesses can create a more personal and authentic connection with their customers, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

buywith: Live shopping platform

buywith is a live shopping platform that allows sellers to create live shopping events and interact with customers in real-time. The platform provides a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers, allowing them to watch live product demonstrations and make purchases directly through the live stream.

buywith offers several features that make it a popular choice for sellers looking to reach new audiences and increase sales. The platform allows sellers to showcase their products in a more engaging and interactive way, providing customers with a better understanding of the products they are interested in.

buywith’s content creator marketplace connects businesses with live event hosts, retailers, influencers and content creators. As a customer, you can interact with your favorite personalities and shop your favorite products.

The platform enables AI-powered algorithms to connect brands with their target audiences while providing analytics and insights to measure every campaign.

buywith also offers a simple and convenient purchasing process for customers. They can make purchases directly through the live stream by clicking on product links provided during the livestream. This makes it easy for customers to shop while watching the live video, without having to navigate to a separate website or platform.

Overall, buywith is a powerful platform for sellers looking to take advantage of the growing trend of live shopping. It provides a convenient and engaging shopping experience for customers, while also offering valuable marketing features for brands and retailers. Whether you are a seller looking to reach new audiences or a customer looking for a unique shopping experience, buywith is worth exploring.

Bottom Line

Live shopping is an exciting and innovative trend in e-commerce that is quickly gaining popularity. It provides a unique opportunity for sellers to showcase their products in a more engaging and interactive way, and for customers to enjoy a convenient and community-driven shopping experience.

With the rise of Live shopping platforms and platforms and apps, it is easier than ever for both sellers and customers to participate in this trend. With the combination of influencer livestreaming and influencer marketing, buywith continues to shape the future of digital marketing and e-commerce.

Daniel Hillyer
VP Sales & Customer Success at buywith

Daniel Hillyer is the VP Sales & Customer Success at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. With over 12 years of experience in SaaS sales, Daniel is a highly skilled professional in the realm of livestream shopping, dedicated to delivering flawless customer experiences and pushing the boundaries of innovation within the ever-evolving e-commerce arena.


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