Beyond the Screen: The Promise and Challenges of Creating Physical-Like Experiences in Virtual Shopping

Daniel Hillyer


Livestream shopping

In recent years, virtual shopping has emerged as a popular trend in the retail industry. Virtual shopping, also known as online shopping, is the process of buying goods and services through a virtual platform, typically the internet. This shopping method has gained significant popularity due to its convenience and accessibility. Virtual shopping offers a range of benefits for consumers, including the ability to browse products from the comfort of their homes, access to a wider range of products, and the option to compare prices and reviews. In this article, we will explore virtual shopping and its impact on the future of retail.

Virtual Shopping Platforms

Virtual shopping stores allow customers to get real-time experience of the online product on the brand’s website. Virtual shopping stores enable livestream shopping and they have become increasingly popular because of various benefits.

One of the benefits of virtual shopping platforms is that they offer consumers access to a wide range of products. Unlike physical stores, which are limited by physical space, virtual shopping platforms can offer a virtually unlimited selection of products. This is particularly beneficial for consumers because they can look into the product in detail before making a purchase decision.

Virtual shopping platforms also offer consumers the ability to compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. This can be especially useful for consumers who are looking to save money or are unsure about the quality of a product.

In addition, virtual shopping platforms typically offer a more convenient shopping experience than physical stores. Consumers can browse products and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes, without having to leave their houses or deal with crowds.

Live Shopping Platforms

Live shopping platforms, also known as live commerce platforms, are a newer form of virtual shopping that is gaining popularity. Live shopping platforms allow consumers to interact with hosts and brand reps and be a part of the live product demonstrations. This allows consumers to interact with the influencer, ask questions, and see the product in action before making a purchase.

One of the benefits of live shopping platforms is that they offer a more personalized shopping experience than traditional virtual shopping platforms. Consumers can ask questions and receive immediate answers from the host, which can help them make more informed purchasing decisions. In addition, live shopping platforms offer a more social shopping experience, as consumers can interact with other viewers and share their opinions and experiences.

Another benefit of live shopping platforms is that they can help businesses reach a larger audience. By using live shopping platforms, businesses can showcase their products and reach potential customers who may not have found them otherwise. Big companies can hugely benefit from the exposure of their products worldwide


buywith is a live shopping platform that is gaining popularity among consumers and sellers alike. buywith allows sellers to create hosted live shopping events where they can showcase their products and interact with potential customers in real-time. Consumers can browse products, ask questions, and make purchases directly through the brand’s website.

One of the benefits of buywith is that it offers a more interactive shopping experience than traditional virtual shopping platforms. Consumers can watch live demonstrations of products, ask questions, and receive immediate answers from the seller. This can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions and can increase their confidence in the product.  

In addition, buywith offers a more social shopping experience. Consumers can interact with other viewers, share their opinions and experiences,through the live chat. This can make the shopping experience more enjoyable and can help build a sense of community around the products being sold.

buywith’s content creator marketplace is hugely beneficial because it connects buyers and sellers together around the world and makes online shopping more accessible. They prep influencers according to your brand and target audiences so you do not have to take the hassle of going around looking.

The Future of Virtual Shopping

Virtual shopping has already had a significant impact on the retail industry, and its influence is only set to grow in the future. With the increasing adoption of e-commerce and advancements in technology, virtual shopping is expected to become even more widespread and sophisticated in the coming years.

Livestream shopping can have the future ability to offer an interactive and immersive experience and create a sense of excitement about products. Due to the fast growing popularity of livestream shopping, it will continue to have relevance for brands and businesses in the future.

One can expect to see advanced features associated with livestream shopping. Both augmented and virtual reality can be implemented to create a fruitful experience. For  example, one can have a taste of how the products can look good in their homes or how they can look good in a dress.

Livestream may also be embedded to social media channels which can make it less difficult for customers to discover products based on their choices. Overall, customers can have a more personalized experience with livestream shopping in the future.

Live shopping platforms like buywith are also expected to become more popular in the future. As consumers increasingly seek out personalized and interactive shopping experiences, live shopping platforms offer a way for sellers to connect with potential customers in real-time. Live shopping platforms can also help to build trust and loyalty between consumers and brands by providing a more transparent and authentic shopping experience.

Another trend that is likely to shape the future of virtual shopping is the integration of social media platforms into the shopping experience. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are already being used by influencers and brands to showcase products and drive sales. In the future, social media platforms may become even more closely integrated with e-commerce platforms, allowing consumers to browse and purchase products directly from their social media feeds.


Bottom Line

Virtual shopping is a growing trend in the retail industry, offering consumers a range of benefits including convenience, access to a wide range of products, and the ability to compare prices and reviews. Live shopping platforms like buywith offer a more personalized and interactive shopping experience.

Despite the challenges of shopping from e-commerce platforms, alongside the lack of physical interaction with security concerns and products, businesses have continued to evolve. However, livestream shopping helps transform the solitary online experience to a social and interactive one for customers to peek into the products online and for them to have the ultimate shopping experience.

Daniel Hillyer
VP Sales & Customer Success at buywith

Daniel Hillyer is the VP Sales & Customer Success at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. With over 12 years of experience in SaaS sales, Daniel is a highly skilled professional in the realm of livestream shopping, dedicated to delivering flawless customer experiences and pushing the boundaries of innovation within the ever-evolving e-commerce arena.


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