5 Tips on How to Host a Successful Livestream Shopping Holiday Event


Livestream shopping

Livestream holiday shopping events can boost sales and make shoppers familiar with the holiday sales that are coming. Holiday shopping is all about season sales and discounts such as black friday and cyber monday discounts. This is a perfect time to use influencers to retain new customers, engage with them and offer them guidance in this shopping session and brands retain new customers.

Livestream shopping holiday events can have themes based on the holiday and that can capture a specific customer base. buywith.com has experienced influencers who will not only demonstrate about the brands’ products or services but also emphasize on aspects related to the holiday.

1. Plan a livestream during a sale

It is totally necessary to livestream during a sale because that is the time that most customers are hovering the internet to get the best deals. It is the best time and a great strategy for brands to use livestream while influencers can monetize their channels as well.

Shoppers are more motivated to purchase when they can view product demonstrations in real-time but they are more driven when there is a limited time discount.

2. Interact With the Viewers

Influencers should refrain from running livestream shopping events as if they were on TV. They need to remember to interact with the audience rather than just describe their products.

One way they can do that is by reading out questions from potential clients and answering them. buywith has a live chat where shoppers can post their questions to engage with the host. It is upon the influencer to respond to the queries. Also, creating polls can help shoppers get more involved with the influencers.

The host can also prompt the audience to give feedback in the comment sections. Shoppers may describe their feelings towards the product. Even though some feedback may not be relevant to what the person is marketing, they should pay attention to all.

3. Pre-promote the Live Event

Some people run a livestream shopping holiday event without bothering to promote it. They usually hope that, somehow, shoppers will stream their video. However, that is unlikely to happen since not promoting it means nobody will show up. Ultimately, it would be a waste of time since the host invested time and money in planning and preparation.

One effective way of promoting the event is by using all social media platforms. Hosts should remember to give concise yet sufficient information about the event. Also, they need to accompany it with eye-catching graphics or videos to attract followers. Without any visuals, potential shoppers may assume the information is a regular post.

Large corporations can also use television for advertising their event. It may seem pointless to use this medium, but not all people are active in the social media space.

4. Use Proper Lighting

It is rather shocking that some hosts do not prioritize lighting. After all, it will enable shoppers to see the product they are describing. Besides being unable to see the product, clients will think poorly of a host who is in a dimly-lit area. They will assume that they are unprofessional and likely abandon the event.

Hosts do not need to invest so much money in lighting. All they need is a ring light or softbox lights, and they will instantly recognize the impressive quality. Another reason for proper lighting is that it sets an upbeat mood. Shoppers are likely to stick around or invite others.

5. Leverage the Livestream

Some hosts treat livestreams as only relevant for that particular time. As a result, they do not bother recording them. However, it is important that they make copies of the livestream. Influencers can edit them and create teaser videos to market future events.

Recording videos also enables shoppers who missed the event to catch up with it. Additionally, members who watched the livestream can revisit parts they missed. Do not forget to send post-event updates to shoppers.


After knowing how to run a successful livestream event, shoppers can join buywith. Our platform simplifies the process of keeping up with live videos. Every upcoming event is on the page, so shoppers do not have to scroll through tabs.

Also, we make sure the process of becoming an influencer is simple. Giving us your name and email address is all we need, and we will respond promptly.


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