3 Reasons Why Influencer Partnerships Are a Natural Fit for Livestream Shopping

Berto Horne


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One of the most essential elements of a livestream shopping event is the presenter. Live shopping is informative and entertaining, involving methods to engage with the audiences.

Audiences are an integral part of live shopping because without them the purchase influence and audience retention are non-existent.

It takes the right person to push things in the right direction, and this is why an influencer partnership is all but a natural fit.

Some companies may choose to go the route of an in-house representative. While this can work, the information below will help you understand why going the influencer route may be a better idea.

The Role of an Influencer in the Livestream Shopping Experience

You would seek out an influencer partnership to get someone who is effectively “the face of trust.” There’s a reason why they are called “influencers.” It’s because their words and actions can mold the choices that millennials and gen Z shoppers make.

They’re known for having large audiences who respect them and are willing to listen to what they say. Therefore, if what they’re saying and doing promotes your brand positively, then you will likely have an influx of younger buyers on your hands.

Of course, it’s not as easy as establishing any influencer partnership and having your livestream shopping sessions take off. The person will need to align with your brand just as their followers will need to be the kind of customers who your offerings would appeal to.

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Three Reasons You Should Leverage an Influencer Partnership

Here are three of many reasons why establishing these kinds of partnerships can be highly beneficial for you.

  • You’re Getting to Run a Marketing Campaign That’s Not an Ad
    This sounds weird, doesn’t it? However, it’s one of the reasons that the livestream shopping trend can work as well as it does. Desktop and mobile ad blockers are quite prevalent, which means that when you run ads in the traditional sense, the possibility of them never being seen by the intended audience is much higher than you would want. Consider the fact that privacy concerns continue to increase too, especially since malicious entities are getting more creative. Even outside of privacy, people are just averse to ads in many cases. If you think of it though, in using live shopping platforms, e-commerce companies are running one big marketing campaign. However, instead of it being intrusive, potential buyers are showing up to see and be a part of it. It’s just the way the world works today. Millennial and Gen Z buyers are very likely to tune in to see what their favorite influencer has to say, because it is  not just a marketing campaign but content where both the brand and the product is promoted.
  • The Influencer Partnership Will Take Some of the Content Generation Stress Away
    Influencers are more than people who have large followings. They tend to be content creators in their own right, which is the reason that people follow them in the first place. Influencer partnership is highly important and you certainly need one that looks good, confident and can connect with audiences easily. How is this beneficial to your business? Well, in doing a product piece, content is going to be a big part of the question. Again, it can’t be a situation where someone is sitting and reading off the features that are being offered. It must be engaging. However, if you think of it, an influencer is already engaging in whatever they do for their audiences. This means they can simply play to that kind of strength as the event is going on. For example, if you sell video game controllers and the influencer is a gamer, then gaming streams may be how that person engages the audience. So, simply live streaming the playing of a video game with your controller being used could be all the content you need for success.
  • Reaching the Younger Generation
    You’ve heard millennials and Gen Z mentioned quite a few times so far, and there is a reason for this. They make up the largest chunk of online buyers, which stands to reason since they were raised in the age of technology when that kind of shopping experience became mainstream. They are very relevant and interesting to these potential shoppers. That means establishing a partnership that leads to these famous and sought-after people promoting what you do is one of the best ways to reach younger buyers. You may even find that it works a lot better than the marketing campaigns that you put together otherwise.


The information above is meant to help you understand why an influencer partnership is a natural way to go for your livestream events promoting your products and services.

Note, however, that the right influencer must be combined with the right platform and there’s no better option than buywith. 

You’re getting a reliable virtual space combined with intuitive features and a content creator marketplace that can suggest a community of influencers who are vetted with knowledge and hold experience to offer audiences a livestream shopping experience. Be sure to request a demo to see how it all works!



Berto Horne
Influencer & Creators Community Management

Berto Horne is the Influencer & Creators Community Manager at buywith, a leading live shopping platform and creator marketplace. Berto  is an expert in the influencer marketing and live shopping arena. Berto has a background in marketing and a track record as a brand ambassador for luxury brands. He has also made a name for himself through his personal lifestyle brand, The Perfect Gentleman (TPGent).


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